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Directories fill with Packaging & Paper from Taiwan/China manufacturers & suppliers. It makes you seek for the specific Packaging & Paper and quality Taiwan/China suppliers quickly and easily.

Packaging Materials & Products

Plastic Packaging Materials

Plastic Films Adhesive Films Bubble Films Protective Films Shrink Films Shrink Labels & Tags Stretch Films Holographic Films Release Films Metallized Films Foam Materials Foam Sponges Styrofoam Plastic Packaging Materials/n.e.s.

Textile Packaging Materials

Composite Packaging Materials

Metal Packaging Materials

Paper Packaging Materials

Craft Paper Cellophane Duplex Boards Glassine Metallized Paper Paper Pulp Paperboards Hologram Cards & Paper Aluminum Foils Gift Wrapping Paper Food Wrapping Paper Paper Packaging Materials/n.e.s.

Hot Stamping Materials

Hot Stamping Foils Holographic Films Hot Stamping Materials/n.e.s.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Packaging Tapes PTFE Tapes Stationery Tapes Warning Tapes Medical Tapes Adhesive Tapes/n.e.s.

Labels & Tags

Clothing Labels & Tags Clothing Labels & Tags Accessories Price Tags Self-adhesive Labels Computer Labels Name Plates Shrink Labels & Tags Labels & Tags/n.e.s.

Packaging Ropes & Strappings

Packing Ropes Strappings Plastic Strappings Luggage Straps Tie Down Straps & Cargo Nets Packaging Ropes & Strappings/n.e.s.

Protective & Cushioning Packaging Materials

Bubble Films Protective Films Foam Materials Foam Sponges Styrofoam Protective & Cushioning Packaging Materials/n.e.s.

Induction Seal Liner

Packaging Materials/n.e.s.

Plastic Packaging Products

Plastic Packaging Bags PVC Bags PP Packaging Bags PE Packaging Bags Ziplock Bags Zipper Bags Garbage Bags Bulk Bags & Sacks Plastic Bottles PET Preforms Plastic Flexible Tubes Plastic Cases Contact Lens Cases & Containers Plastic Cans & Buckets Plastic Caps & Lids Blister & Clamshells Packagings Plastic Pallets Plastic Pakaging Products/n.e.s.

Textile Packaging Products

Gunny Bags Nonwoven Shopping Bags Textile Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Composite Packaging Products

Metal Packaging Products

Aluminium Collapsible Tubes Metal Cans Aerosol Cans Metal Drums & Barrels Metal Caps & Lids Tin Packagings Gas Cylinders Metal Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Paper Packaging Products

Paper Cups Paper Tubes Paper Boxes Paper Bags Paper Pallets Papare Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Ceramic & Glass Packaging Products

Glass Bottles Glass Cans Ceramic & Glass Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Bamboo & Wooden Packaging Products

Corks Bamboo & Wooden Boxes Bamboo & Wooden Buckets Wooden Pallets Bamboo & Wooden Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Packaging Products/n.e.s.

Gift Packaging Boxes & Bags

Gift Bags Paper Gift Bags Plastic Gift Bags Gift Boxes Gift Tins Jewelry Bags Jewelry Boxes Watch Boxes Wine Boxes Tea Boxes Gift Packaging Boxes & Bags/n.e.s.

Gift Packaging Accessories

Gift Wrapping Paper Gift Ribbons Gift Packaging Accessories/n.e.s.

Food Packaging

Disposable Tableware Paper Cups Disposable Food Containers Food Bags Tea Bags Egg Trays Foil Food Containers Tea Cans Tea Boxes Wine Boxes Wine Bottles Wine Stoppers Candy Packaging Food Wrapping Paper Food Packaging/n.e.s.

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Containers Lipstick Tubes & Containers Cream Jars Nail Polish Bottles Perfume Bottles Aerosol Cans Plastic Flexible Tubes Sprayer Pumps Dispenser Pumps Cosmetic Packaging/n.e.s.

Electronics Packaging

Medical Packaging

Empty Capsules Pill Boxes Pharmaceutical Packaging Medical Packaging/n.e.s.

Industrial & Transport Packaging

Mailers Envelopes Crates Cargo & Shipping Packaging Supplies Flexitanks Bulk Bags & Sacks Cargo & Shipping Containers Gas Cylinders Industrial & Transport Packaging/n.e.s.

Media Packaging

Disk & CD Packing CD Sleeves CD Wallets CD Boxes

Commercial Packaging/n.e.s.


Packaging & Paper Related Services

Packaging, Paper Related Products & Surplus Stock


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