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ttnet.net at 114th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

ttnet.net create new business opportunities for you at 114th China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair).

China Import and Export Fair, also called Canton Fair, is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn since it was inaugurated in the Spring of 1957. It is China's largest trade fair of the highest level, of the most complete varieties and of the largest attendance and business turnover. Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance.

The fair will be held entirely at the China Import and Export Fair complex - an immense area covering over 1,160,000 square meters. The projected buyer attendance more than 200,000 will be producing a lucrative business turnover. With 24,746 exhibitors, the grounds will be accommodating 59,531 booths, and 50 exhibitions sections that consist of 16 product categories. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to expand your business horizons.

ttnet.net is one of the largest B2B trade platforms in Taiwan, acting as a bridge connecting suppliers and buyers. Our B2B e-commerce site provides trade-related information, opportunities, and services for both suppliers and buyers. We have exhibited and provided sourcing information to international traders at Canton Fair. This year, we extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in the fair and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Services of ttnet.net

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