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Mr. Mr. Yang Chin-Hui

Address: 1F, 9, Guangfu Rd., Sec. 2 Sanchong Dist
Tel: 886-2-299***
Fax: 886-2-299***

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We are a professional manufacturing factory of precision aluminum/zinc alloy die-casting, which have been stablished morethan 20 years. From specializing in the design, making mold, die-casting the parts and processing the parts, we have a set of complete process in operation. We always offer our customers the good quality, reasonable prices and punctual delivery. Our principle is 'Do our best to service our customers.' Operating Goal: 1. High quality guaranteed, customers first 2. Training the talented personnel, complete management 3. Keep the highest affect attention on the security and sanitation, keep harmony between inve... [Click for detail]

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Lai To Li Co., Ltd.

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